Lex4u lawyers have a sharp knowledge of business law as well as a practical vision of the business world. By offering business corporations and professionals a wide range of services to meet their specific legal needs, they contribute to the optimal development of their projects and activities. Our lawyers offer customised, built-in solutions, thus efficiently taking part in the durability of your business.

“Our lawyers help you go through all the stages of your business development.”

With our attentiveness and comprehensive understanding of your business and social environment, our lawyers identify opportunities and anticipate needs as well as trends, and build-up strategies that meet your priorities and objectives to perfection.

Our lawyers help you go through all the stages of your business development by providing assistance and counselling on the following areas:

  • The most appropriate and interesting legal structure;
  • Integrating your business in the Belgian market;
  • Tax liability issues;
  • Corporate law issues;
  • Financial regulation;
  • Crowdfunding;
  • Legal management of your investment and fundraising operations;
  • All agreements related to those issues;

Our team provides you with preventive assistance and helps you in the resolution of any litigation you are involved in by representing you in court, or in the course of tax, civil, and commercial mediation, arbitration, or settlement.