Regardless of their fields of activity, all business organisations have to enter into a wide variety of business agreements including

  • Sales and purchase agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Agency and franchise agreements
  • Sale of business agreements
  • Terms and conditions


“Our lawyers help you manage your business on a day-to-day basis.”

With our attentiveness and comprehensive understanding of your needs and fields of activity, we provide custom-made counselling and solutions to help you go through each stage of your projects.

We also assist our clients in the resolution of their dispute (by representing them in court, or during civil and commercial mediations, arbitrations, and settlements).

What is more, our firm has an extensive experience in commercial distribution (concessions, franchises, commercial agencies, …). Our lawyers provide you with counselling as to the most appropriate form of commercial distribution to choose for your business (concession agreements, agency agreements, franchise agreements, selective distribution agreements, commission agreements…), and assist you in drafting and negotiating agreements, in preventing or managing litigation.

Finally, business practices and consumer protection being closely connected with the good conduct of your business (unfair competition, consumer protection), Lex4u lawyers offer counselling in sales methods, forms of advertising, different types of promotion, gambling, labelling regulations, among other things.