“Lex4u firm assists you in building up legal protection strategies for your business projects.”

When you launch a business/start-up you have to take all sorts of legal steps to protect your future business activity from competitors.

Indeed, any “normally cautious” business owner has to quickly determine what features distinguish his or her business from (potential) competitors. Those features can be the company name, its trade name (to which a domain name is often associated).

What is more, all businesses aim to ensure their projects (or concepts/goods/services) remain secret through non-disclosure agreements, and by taking steps to protect their intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property is a generic phrase that refers to “creations of the intellect” (hence the word “intellectual”) to which a variety of “exclusive” rights are attached (hence the word “property”).

The vast area of intellectual property includes:

– Literary and artistic property, “droits d’auteur” in other words (copyrights in the USA);
– “Industrial” property, which is trademark rights, design rights and patent rights.

Lex4u firm assists you in building up legal protection strategies for your business projects which range from choosing a domain name, registering your future trademark (and extending its protection to other countries: Benelux, Europe, USA, China, Japan), filing a design patent application, or protecting your invention.

Our lawyers will provide you with preventive assistance by drafting agreements and taking all administrative steps regarding intellectual property, and secure your business interests before the Belgian courts, and thus protect you from unfair or parasitic competition.