“Information and communication technology is one of Lex4u firm’s areas of expertise.”

Our lawyers, with their theoretical and practical knowledge and their shared enthusiasm, provide you with high-quality assistance and counselling in those areas, and more specifically on “Cyber Law”

You may have various questions: Can you use personal data, and if you can, how and under what conditions? What about your own image or your company’s image on social media? Are e-contracts enforceable the same way as other contracts? How long is the withdrawal period for online purchases?

Information and Communication Technology Law is a fascinating topic because it is extremely diversified and in constant evolution. It can be found in e-commerce, and has a pivotal role in privacy protection, competition law, intellectual property law, etc.

Our lawyers are active in that legal practice area by holding training courses and conferences, or writing books and articles in renowned legal magazines.

Our lawyers are at your service to advise you as an individual or a corporation, whether you seek a tailor-made contract or need us to protect your interests in the course of a legal claim.