« Our lawyers will support and assist you through every stage of your business life. » 

Lex4u’s lawyers not only possess a strong knowledge of business law, but also have a practical vision of the business world. We offer commercial companies and professionals a wide range of services that meet their specific legal needs and we contribute to the optimal development of their projects and activities.

By offering personalized and integrated solutions, our lawyers work efficiently and contribute to the sustainability of your business, whether in the field of commercial law, in the creation of your company, or the drafting of your commercial contracts.

By being attentive and having a thorough understanding of the economic and social environment in which you operate, our lawyers identify opportunities, anticipate needs and trends, and propose strategies to be adopted in line with your priorities and objectives. 

In all stages of your business life, our attorneys assist and advise you on the following aspects in particular:

  • The most appropriate and interesting structure for your business
  • The integration of your business on the Belgian market
  • The export of your business abroad
  • Tax liability issues
  • Company law issues
  • Financial regulation
  • Crowdfunding
  • Legal management of your investment operations and fund raising
  • Contracts within and outside your structure
  • And many more…

Our team provides preventive assistance and assists you in the resolution of your disputes, including mediation in tax, civil and commercial matters, arbitration, and out-of-court conciliation. If none of these methods of dispute resolution leads to a solution, we can of course represent you before the courts.

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