« Our team is involved in the negotiation and drafting of all types of contracts, whether civil or commercial. »

Lex4u has a strong expertise in general contract law. We can assist you in the negotiation, drafting and the consequences and effects of the following contracts:

  • Purchase and sale contracts
  • General terms and conditions of sale and their enforceability
  • Lease, loan and donation contracts 
  • Commercial distribution contracts
  • Agent and franchise agreements
  • Contracts for the provision of services
  • Contracts for the sale of business assets
  • General terms and conditions of sale
  • Office or commercial leases or leases for rent
  • Transaction contracts
  • Mandate contracts
  • Copyright assignment contracts
  • And many more…

Each contract you enter into defines the scope of your rights and obligations and those of your contracting party or parties. When concluding a contract, it is essential to pay attention to the drafting of the various clauses and to ensure that they are adapted to the regulations specific to the sector of activity and your profession.

Our lawyers specialized in contract law provide you with advice and solutions to all your questions:

  • How should you behave during the negotiation or pre-contractual phase? From when do we enter into a contract?
  • What are the mandatory clauses to be included in your contracts (depending on the sector of activity)?
  • Can a contract be terminated without notice or compensation? 
  • Am I in the event of dismissal for gross misconduct? 
  • What can be done if a co-contractor does not respect his contractual obligations?
  • How can a given consent be challenged?
  • Collecting your unpaid debts: How can you obtain payment of a sum of money due in execution of a contractual obligation? What are the means of action?

Our lawyers are also often consulted to draft general terms and conditions of sale, general terms and conditions for the provision of services, general terms and conditions for the use of a website, etc.